About Us

NAT Power is founded by a risk-taking entrepreneur and a professional executive with a financial background. Both have built companies globally, worked internationally, and are philanthropists for over 20+ years. The rest of the team are equally qualified in their fields of science, technology, marketing and strategic communications. This diverse group brings their experience, talent and passion to NAT Power with a sole-purpose to deliver sustainable natural energy, mostly using solar and wind, thereby reducing costs and carbon footprints, which has become the most important issue of our times.

All power being rugged, mobile and portable with hybrid solutions, gives customers for the first time, by not dealing with receiving any bills and you generate the power you need without any worries of outages and billing headaches.

NAT Power Pakistan’s primary goal is to push military high-grade 810-G rugged products with proven power systems that can operate in harsh temperatures from -20°C to +60°C. Everything mobile with hybrid solutions which also addresses the off-grid 70 million+ farmers & other less fortunate communities. Besides the ones mentioned, it is a great fit for NGOs, ambulances,emergency operating theatres, disaster relief management, open-air theatres, sports stadiums, embassies for emergencies, oil fields, telecommunication towers etc. 1-15kW with 24VDC batteries for extra storage including, UPS-X (X-Tended & X-Panded), which can be used for everything including homes, hotels, motels, adventurous campers, mountaineers and trekkers especially, up north and all the way down to the Karachi shoreline.

Our Vision

Nat Power Pakistan’s vision is to provide state of the art Solar Solutions by providing portable rugged military grade 810-G solutions with 24VDC batteries which have Lithium-Ion Phosphate, Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid non-spillable, which give maximum storage capacity with the option of having a UPS-X as a rugged backup power solution. Now also available for commercial use in Pakistan.

Our Solar solutions are the best among the present vendors and are available to them. Nat Power offers the best products with rugged portable and hybrid solutions, as we say “You have a problem, we have a solution”Nat Power hopefully will try to enhance, capacity building and job creation in Pakistan, as there is enough room for young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to start solar and other clean-green energy business. In our vision, we are addressing, especially the 70+million off-grid from all over Pakistan including, FATA and Gilgit-Baltistan, both of which are in the Northern Areas & require mobile rugged and hybrid solutions for their immediate energy needs as our proven rugged power systems, work in harsh climatic conditions and operate in -20°C to +60°C.

As sole distributor in Pakistan for “Solar Stik”, Nat Power Pakistan (Pvt) Limited is answerable for all warranties passed on to us on all products from Solar Stik.