“Your Mission is your focus, providing the power for it is ours”.

NAT Power Pakistan (Private) Limited strives to deliver premium quality solutions optimized with the latest technology & products from the USA. The company has recently launched for the 1st time in Pakistan, portable, rugged and hybrid solar power solutions through “Solar Stik” to produce renewable energy which hopefully will help to lower the “Carbon Footprints” as per “The Kyoto Protocol” signed in 2005 and amended via the “Doha Agreement” in 2019.

1. “Solar Stik”, No.1 in the US, making portable, rugged power systems from 1kW to 15 kW.

2. 1st time in Pakistan: Rugged, 24 VDC Lithium Ion and Non-spillable Lead Acid batteries.

3. 1st time in Pakistan: Proven rugged power systems that operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C.

4. 1st time in Pakistan, UPS-X (X-Tended & X-Panded) is a rugged solution that enhances power for any operational setting in punishing climatic conditions. When the real need arises, UPS -X comes into play during your power outages. It’s also a plug and play solution to your desired need for power backups. For more information click here

Solar Stik has hundreds of systems in theatre with the US Army alone, and many additional systems deployed worldwide with the U.N and various other organizations. Many foreign militaries are currently fielding Solar Stik Systems in Afghanistan, Africa and the Middle East. The company has unmatched experience with reliable power in extreme climatic conditions & can operate in temperature ranging from from -20°C to +60°C. Also, all of Solar Stik’s systems employ American-made components and are built for extreme durability (MIL-STD-810G). We apply the “No failure rule” to all products. Now available for commercial use.

Pakistan’s Energy requirements & production:

According to the statistics available to us, Pakistan’s overall demand for power at its peak is between 23,000MW, to 26,000MW with seasonal fluctuations. NAT Power Pakistan is working to help reduce issues associated with insufficient power in three ways, “Military Expeditionary Power (1-15 kW)”, “Commercial & Residential Portable Power”, and “Fixed Solar Power (coming soon)”.

Pakistan’s transmission and distribution capacity installed through the present energy mix of hydro, thermal, coal, wind and solar etc, are approximately 20,000MW. That is if they are all producing at full capacity, which we believe is not the case presently. Due to this reason, It is also believed that most of the time, the production is not at its peak and thus the everyday outages and the urgency to fill this growing gap. This does not include the 70 million+ Pakistan’s population which is Off-Grid. As Pakistan is an Agrobased economy, most of the farmers small, medium and some large, come under the 70 million+ off-grid population, which urgently need mobile renewable hybrid energy to increase their output.

FATA area, having recently been merged with KPK, will definitely need portable rugged hybrid power solutions immediately, which Solar Stik through its sole distributor, Nat Power can help to resolve this problem.